UPDATE: Reception start time is now 5:30 PM (was 6:00 PM)
To reduce the waiting time between the ceremony and cocktail hour we have pulled up cocktail hour by 30 minutes. Ceremony call time is still 4:00 PM.




Wedding Party

Mary Kate Skitka

Maid of Honor

Kari's dearest younger sister by 6 years, also known as MK. MK and Kari share a love for music and dancing and love being their silly selves together. Growing up, you would often find them making movies, holding art shows, and annoying their big brother Joe with their non-stop energy. They have always made an incredible duo. Mary Kate is currently pursuing her masters in New Media Art (how freakin’ cool!) and lives in Brooklyn, NY.

Alicia Bates


Alicia (also known as "Leash") and Kari were an inseparable duo ever since first meeting in middle school soccer. Her family was Kari's family and vice versa. Alicia's cool-headed nature was the perfect complement to Kari's crazy in their coming of age years. They also made the best roommates, living together at PSU their junior and senior years where they hosted epic dance parties with their famous subwoofer. Many years later, Kari is now proudly "Aunt Kar" to Alicia and Steve's two beautiful children Raeya and Tyson.

Sara Angle


Sara and Kari go back the longest, having grown up 1 mile from one another and first meeting in elementary school (also the same school as Pat!). Sara and Kari have always made an incredible team: from dance class in elementary school to planning the prom and co-editing the yearbook together in high school. After college the two reunited in NYC and roomed together in a 800 sq ft. apartment. Safe to say these two were close. Sara is organized and (sometimes) decisive, in all the ways Kari isn’t, and is the most loving and loyal friend.

Brooke McGrath


Brooke and Kari met in Boston while working for a clean beauty brand, Follain. Brooke later got a job working at Function of Beauty with Kari, and the two became even closer friends outside of work. It was clear from the start that the two had an immediate and effortless connection. 6 years later, Brooke and Kari have made countless memories including traveling to Ireland, dance parties and karaoke, and too many nights of good conversations to count. The two are always on the same wavelength and truly are each other's biggest fans.

Katie Boline


Katie, or “KBO” as Kari still calls her, has been Kari's friend since she moved to her neighborhood in middle school. Kari and Katie always have FUN together. Growing up you could find them making music videos, playing pranks at sleepovers, or throwing parties in Katie's basement. Now they are all grown up and still maintain the same strong connection they've had since their teens, but perhaps a bit more mature ;). Kari and Katie share a similar love for creativity and design.

Julia Penkal


Julia is Kari's cousin on her Mother's side. In a family with 30 cousins, Kari and Julia were the closest in age and had a special connection since they were kids. No matter where they live, or how much time that passes, Julia and Kari will always be part of each other's lives. Julia lives in NYC with her lovely fiance Dave, who she is marrying this September (and Kari is also in her wedding!). It is serendipitous that they are going through this together!

Germán Parra

Best Man

Germán is Pat's longest-tenured brother-in-law. Despite Pat's disruptive presence at Germán's wedding, the two have developed an enduring friendship and rivalry, indistinguishable from biological brotherhood. Germán taught Pat how basements work and introduced him to Formula One racing. Germán can rightfully boast of inducting Pat into the world of men.

Eduardo Krunfli


Eduardo is Pat's second brother-in-law, but far from second best. Eduardo has given Pat lessons in humility. Pat has observed Eduardo grill the best steaks in this hemisphere while maintaining the guise of an unassuming host. And to Pat's chagrin, Eduardo has more knowledge about basketball in his pinky finger than Pat has in his head. Pat is honored to call Eduardo a groomsman.

Joe Skitka

Groomsman / brother of the bride

Joe may have more years of postgraduate training than even Pat. Incredibly, he has also found time to be a professional hobbyist. Over the course of a holiday weekend with the Skitka family, Joe can 1) read a 1000-page book, 2) spend 25 hours preparing a French dinner, and 3) invent new dance moves. A scholar once said that Aristotle was so prolific that the rest of humanity was living in slow motion; Joe is his 21st-century equivalent.

Andrew Burgdorf


According to Andrew, his friendship with Pat goes back to third grade. The truth of this claim is shrouded in some mystery, but the sentiment rings true. Recently, COVID-19 threatened to derail their long-distance friendship, but Pat was resolute in making Colorado a second home. Andrew and Pat's shared love of skiing, Tiesto, and Tom Cruise's running scenes have propelled their friendship into the Hall of Fame.

Michael Rettig


Mike and Pat's friendship goes back to elementary school, but defining their friendship in mere years would be a disservice. Mike is a true renaissance friend, equally adept at conversing about Foreign Affairs magazine as he is debating the merits of Counting Crows albums. When Pat loses one of these arguments, he restores his confidence by challenging Mike to a tennis match, bench pressing contest, or Duolingo points competition. Against all odds, this dynamic has produced a durable camaraderie.

Anthony LaCava


Anthony is Pat's Allergy & Immunology colleague, former co-resident, and dear friend. Anthony and Pat's mutual passion for professional baseball, music and medicine has catapulted their friendship into the stratosphere. Anthony is also probably the nicest person you'll ever meet. Just don't call him a "sneeze doctor."

John and Kasha Skitka

Father and Mother of the bride

John and Kasha are so excited to help host Kari and Pat's wedding and bring together everyone to celebrate! They love spending time with Kari and “PC” (Paddy Cakes as John likes to call Pat) and look forward to many years of bowling and pinochle tourneys. John and Kasha live in Hummelstown, PA and have been married for 37 years!

Margaret Gleeson

Mother of the Groom

The vibrant and lovely Margaret, also known as "Mom," helped to bring Pat and Kari together. Margaret finds the beauty in everyone and everything, and is herself a ray of sunshine. She lives only a few miles from Pat and Kari, in East Falls, Philadelphia.

Kevin and Pam Gleeson

father and step mother of the groom

Kevin and Pam reside in Kari and Pat's hometown of Hershey, Pennsylvania. Kari spent many weekends visiting Kevin's home while Pat was living there during medical school. Pam has a house just down the hill. Their beloved cat, Martin, enjoys both properties at his leisure.

Molly Gleeson

Sister of the Groom

Molly is the oldest of Pat's three sisters and lives with her husband Germán in Fishtown, Philadelphia. Molly is an art conservator at the Penn Museum. Did I mention that Molly has one of the coolest jobs in the world and lives in one of the best neighborhoods too?

Bridget Gleeson

Sister of the Groom

Bridget, Pat's middle sister, lives with her husband Eduardo in Manayunk, Philadelphia. Bridget is a professional writer and traveler. She also has a hobby-turned-side-hustle as a watercolor artist on Etsy. Bridget is an exceptional hostess alongside Eduardo. A night with Bridget isn't over until the dulce de leche is served.

Liz Gleeson

Sister of the Groom

Liz, Pat's youngest sister, lives with her amazing family in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Liz has her own textile and fashion brand called URSA. Liz also makes her own shoes. If you've been living under a rock for the past 15 years, hear this: Liz is the trailblazer of the Gleeson family.

Ignacio de Barrio

Brother-in-law of the groom and our incredible videographer!

Ignacio is married to Pat's sister Liz. They live together in the bustling neighborhood of San Telmo, Buenos Aires. Ignacio is an incredible photographer, videographer, artist, and human being. He is also exceptionally well-read. Stop and talk to Ignacio at the wedding, and you'll quickly see that he knows more about American culture than most Americans.

Isidora Gleeson Parra

Niece of Honor

Isidora is the multi-talented wunderkind daughter of Pat's sister Molly. Sadly, Isidora has to go to school, but in her free time, she is a budding magician and comedian. Next time you see Isi, ask her to show you the "three numbers" routine.

Luisa, Nova, & Emma

Nieces of honor

The cobblestone streets of Buenos Aires haven't been the same since these three musketeers arrived on the scene. It's not just their high-octane antics that make them so beloved - it's their infectious personalities, too. If you're ever in Buenos Aires and need a pick-me-up, just look for these three little firecrackers at the nearest playground...or dance hall.