UPDATE: Reception start time is now 5:30 PM (was 6:00 PM)
To reduce the waiting time between the ceremony and cocktail hour we have pulled up cocktail hour by 30 minutes. Ceremony call time is still 4:00 PM.




Kari and Pat

Please join us for our wedding celebration on

Our story Est. 2013

Pat and Kari grew up one mile from one another in Hummelstown, Pennsylvania. They also attended the same high school (shout out LDHS!), but did not know each other as they were three grades apart. After college, while Kari was living in NYC, and Pat was studying at Penn State Medical School in Hershey, their mothers' mutual friend, Ann Everest, suggested that they go on a date. They had their first date at the Cocoa Beanery on May 24th, 2013. From there, Kari and Pat maintained a seven-year long-distance relationship between Hershey and NYC, and later between Philadelphia and NYC. During that time, they spent 385 hours (16 whole days!) on over 200 bus trips to see each other. The distance was not easy, as Kari and Pat were both very busy pursuing their respective careers as a start-up marketer and physician. Despite a few ups and downs, the relationship prevailed. Later in 2020, due to COVID, Kari was suddenly able to work remotely, which enabled her to finally make the move to live with Pat in Philadelphia. This was truly a silver lining of the pandemic! Their transition was effortless and the rest is history. They are beyond excited to celebrate this milestone wedding 10 years after they first met with all of their favorite people.

FUN FACT: Pat will also be celebrating his BIRTHDAY on their wedding day, making it the ULTIMATE celebration! 🎈🎈